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  • About us...

    We leverage interactive technology to grow your business!

    softstone is a multi-disciplinary design and technology firm. From brand identity to direct marketing to order processing and data management, our team of designers, programmers and business experts create custom interactive and print solutions that are beautifully inviting, cost-effective, and customer-friendly. We are here to help your business grow...

    softstone was founded in 2000 to provide database and internet services to direct marketing companies. As we have grown, we’ve leveraged a great team of artists, software engineers, and database gurus to generate millions in revenue for our clients. We remain a boutique firm by choice... offering a very high level of service to a very small group of clients. Welcome to softstone.


    Get your message out!

    Keep your customers informed... and keep them interested in your products and services. We design emails that get opened, get read — and most importantly, that deliver results.


    Identity and ecommerce sites that work!

    We'll design and build a beautiful and cost-effective site that works for the way you do business.

    In addition to creating full-blown business identity and ecommerce web sites, we create sites that may only be 5-7 pages targeted to tell the customer about one product — then to complete the order with a minimum of distraction. The customer is committed on the first page, after which a series of upsells can be presented. By design, there is no “confirm my order” page — a technique that eliminates cart abandonments.


    The key to an agile business!

    The right foundation for most any information technology project is a solid database. Whether your customers are using your websites, mobile apps, email, text messaging, kiosks, or whatever — your database is agnostic to the final content delivery platform. A database of your customers, their order history, and their online (and perhaps offline) behaviors is key to growing your customer relationships. We have great expertise in building and managing databases — and we can help you leverage yours.


    We put you in control of your content!

    Your site content is under your complete control — using state of the art Content Management Systems. While we always love to hear from our customers, we love even more that they can make the routine changes to their web sites without us. (They like that too!)


    Get found by your prospective customers!

    Having a great web site isn't enough anymore. Customers search for your business — and we know how to make sure your site ranks high in the search results.


    Convert customer interest into a sale!

    We can implement shopping cart systems, of course, but we’ve been much more successful with single-product landing pages (in conjunction with a good web marketing campaign). The goal of our landing pages is to reduce the number of things that a prospective customer has to think about... all to maximize conversions. We can design and build A/B splits, and provide the comprehensive reporting so that you can quickly move the winning page to your new control.

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